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Scaffolding Pipe Pressed Fixed Clamp / Coupler (20 Pcs)

Scaffolding Pipe Pressed Fixed Clamp / Coupler (20 Pcs)

SKU: PRFC40X40-20

Venta Pressed Fixed / Double / Right angle Coupler is used to join the Ledgers or Transoms or scaffold tubes to the Standards at an angle of 90°


  • MATERIAL - Mild Steel (HR Sheet)
  • Made In INDIA
  • No. of Pieces - 20
  • Size - 40X40 (For 1.5-inch / 40-NB / 48-OD scaffolding pipe)
  • Item Weight Per Pc - 0.60 Kg approximately
  • Note:

    1. The image displayed is just for referral purpose , actualy product may be different.
    2. The final product size , colour , weight , shape , may vary slightly.
    3. The product is fully rugged and we do not guaranty about its properties.
    4. Also we do not assure about the packing as the material inside is heavy , sharp hence the packing may get damaged.
    5. Caution: Heavy weight material ; Handle with care
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